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What they fail to mention, though, that one of the top reasons why women are often described as unpredictable is because of their, sometimes, oblivious boyfriends. Remember during the courting phase when you were always sweet and affectionate? Rather, make it a point to be conscientiously sweet.


We all know that men and women handle various situations differently.

20 bits of advice every man needs to hear

So when it comes to dating advice, what might work for women, might not work so great for the guys. To help clear up the confusion, we asked different experts what they thought the best relationship advice for men was—the things guys really need to know to understand women more and get the most of their relationships with them.

Standup for her and others. When a man sees a situation that needs to be dealt with, he should step forward and deal with it. If someone is being rude to your partner, women still appreciate a man stepping up to call them on it.

Advice for men quotes

Another common tendency a lot of men have in relationships, is shutting down when they feel hurt instead of expressing it. Nobody benefits from silence or keeping things that are bugging you bottled up.

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Share with your partner. But times have changed, and a man who can talk about his feelings is what the majority of women want and need.

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Listen to your partner. For men to have a successful relationship with a woman they need to actually go against their inherent nature to fix problems and become better active listeners.

Relationship and dating advice for men: 12 rules

Dori Gatter, a d Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert. Sometimes being supportive, means being there for someone and not telling them what they should do or how they should feel.

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Be more decisive. To many women, a man who avoids making decisions is skirting his responsibilities.

Relationship advice—from men

Being wishy washy on issues related to career, family, or even the relationship is a total turnoff. Pick up some of the slack. Between taking care of the children, making dinner, and keeping the home together, not to mention working, women have a lot on their plate.

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Picking up some of the slack provides her tremendous relief and she sincerely appreciates it. Just do it. Men may not be inclined to express themselves emotionally, but regardless, you have to let your partner know how much you like them by being around them and taking care of them.

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You can tell her through words or even physically. Guys may be able to go without many of these things, but to many women this is her oxygen. Every women is different and how they deal with things like stress, family, affection, arguments, and surprises will be different too.

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Keep in mind these few universal things and use your best judgement. Chances are, you know more about your partner than you think.

The best relationship advice for men

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And if it does come to you and you're not off your arse, then you ain't going to keep it very long.


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Life can be tough.


This is a poll of 23 men giving relationship advice to women, and they wish women would follow them.