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An American man and Argentinian woman have tied the knot in a virtual ceremony, becoming the first couple ever to get legally married via video while in different countries. As first reported by the Daily MailScott Marmon, 32, of New York and Augustina Montefiori, 28, of Argentina had planned to get married in March,but the coronavirus pandemic put their plans on hold. Thank you for your interest in our newsletter!


Last updated August 25, Many people think the legal marriage requirements are confusing and overwhelming. The reality is that once you know what's required in your state, the steps are simple, leaving you more time to concentrate on the more enjoyable parts of getting married. Although the marriage requirements vary by states, all legal marriages performed in one state must be recognized by all other states. This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding legal requirements for marriage.

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You need to obtain a marriage from your county clerk and pay the clerk a fee. As long as you and your spouse meet the requirements, your marriage should be granted. You can then proceed with your ceremony. The officiant has the duty of filing your marriage certificate with the applicable recording agency in your county. If they don't do, it doesn't invalidate or nullify your marriage; it just may make it harder to document your marriage.

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Many states have done away with mandatory premarital physical exams or blood testsbut some still require blood tests for venereal diseases, and a few also test for rubella, sickle-cell anemia, and tuberculosis. Age: Most states require both parties to be 18 years old or older to enter marriage. Minors in these states are often not permitted to marry adults who are more than three or four years older in order to prevent minors from entering predatory marriages.

Legal marriage requirements faqs

Marital status: People who are already marriedeven with a legal separation, can't get married until they are officially divorced. Mental capacity: Both people must have the mental capacity to enter into a contract. If either person can't or doesn't understand what it means to be married because of mental illness, drugs or alcohol, or other issues that affect judgment, then that person lacks the mental capacity to consent to the marriage.

Unrelated: The two people can't be blood relatives.

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Sometimes they can't be closer than third cousins. Many states allow first cousins to marry if they are of an elderly age and no longer able to conceive. Gender: Same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states immediately after the U.

Supreme Court's landmark Obergefell v. Hodges ruling in Prior to that ruling, same-sex marriage was left mostly to state law. A marriage is a document that you must obtain from the county clerk before you get married. A marriage certificate is a document that proves you're married.

Frequently asked questions

Typically, couples obtain a marriagehold the wedding ceremony, and then have the officiant files the certificate in the appropriate county office within days. The married couple will then receive a certified copy of the marriage certificate.

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Most states require both spouses, the officiant, and one or two witnesses, to the marriage certificate. This is often done just after the ceremony.

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You can usually apply for your marriage at any county clerks office in the state in which you want to be married. Some states require you to apply in the county clerks office in which you want to be married. Most states require a small fee, and receiving your marriage usually takes a few days. Typically, your marriage will expire 30 days after it is issued.

If this happens, don't panic; you can apply for a new one. However, most states imply a waiting period from the date of the issuance of your marriage until the date of your actual ceremony. The idea behind the waiting period is to allow the parties to change their minds.

This waiting period can be waived for good cause, such as one of the parties being deployed, or only arriving in town the day before the wedding.

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The following states have wait periods:. Each state differs on the steps required to obtain copies of marriage certificates. Visit the website of the National Center for Health Statistics to learn where in your state you can write, call, fax, or for the documents you need. The officiant must be qualified by the county.

Couple ties the knot over zoom while in different countries

However, civil unionswhich are non-religious, are performed by a judge, justice of the peace, or a court clerk. Sometimes, people will be given temporary legal authority to perform marriages by a judge or a court clerk. Weddings that are religious ceremonies are conducted by a member of the clergy.

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This is usually a priest, minister, or rabbi. Native American tribes can deate certain officials to perform weddings, but usually the tribal chief performs the weddings.

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They're no legal requirements for marriage after the ceremony in most states. A few states require consummation of the marriage through sexual relations, but that's not the norm. Most states consider the two married once the ceremony ends.

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In other states, it is the responsibility of the officiant to make sure the is recorded with the county where you were married. Generally, a few weeks after your wedding, you will receive your marriage certificate in the mail. Even if the officiant fails to file the marriage certificate, you're still considered married. Marriage is one of the most important relationships that you can enter. Along with the happiness of marrying your partner, you should also be aware of the rights and legal responsibilities that come along with walking down the aisle.

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If you have questions about marriage requirements, it's helpful to discuss the issue with a family law attorney who can help you take the necessary steps. Meeting with a lawyer can help you understand your options and how to best protect your rights. Visit our attorney directory to find a lawyer near you who can help.

Frequently Asked Questions What are the legal documents required for marriage? Are blood tests part of marriage requirements? Can I marry anyone I want? What's the difference between a marriage and a marriage certificate? Where do I obtain a marriage ? What if I lost my marriage certificate? Can anyone officiate a marriage? What are the legal requirements of marriage ceremonies?

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Do we have to do anything after the wedding? Need help complying with marriage requirements? Discuss with an attorney What are the legal documents required for marriage?

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Need Help Complying with Marriage Requirements? Discuss with an Attorney Marriage is one of the most important relationships that you can enter. Thank you for subscribing! Please try again. Or contact an attorney near you:. Next Steps Contact a qualified family law attorney to make sure your rights are protected. Your location city, ZIP code or county Begin typing to search, use arrow keys to navigate, use enter to select.

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Holding a ceremony virtually can be surprisingly emotional!


Most other aspects of life have gone online since the first coronavirus restrictions came into force last March so why should weddings be any different?


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