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  • My age:
  • 29
  • Ethnicity:
  • Nicaraguan
  • Sex:
  • Woman
  • What is my hair:
  • Honey-blond
  • My Zodiac sign:
  • Taurus
  • What is my figure type:
  • My figure features is plump
  • Stud:
  • None


This is not a question.


1. you’re awash in fakery and lies

Breakups. So, the inevitable has happened to you.

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After all these years of being single by choice, you met this awesome man and everything was going great until you found out that he was married. He told you that his relationship with his wife is falling apart and that the only thing that makes him happy is seeing you again. So, you trusted his words and half-truthseven though your gut was telling you to back off and run for the hills.

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This married man dumped you instead. How did such a beautiful relationship end with you crying yourself to sleep every night and fighting this never-ending pain of heartbreak? Feelings of emptiness and loneliness consume you. You start questioning whether he ever thought you were the right one or perhaps he was just looking for some fun outside of his marriage.

The answer to this question is rather simple. Perhaps he feels like his wife is controlling him all the time. Or it could be that his wife was neglecting him emotionally, which eventually led him to feel empty and disappointed in love. Subconsciously, he came up with a plan to fill that emotional void somewhere else. Eventually, he found it by spending more time with you than with his wife. The dissatisfaction that those couples face in their marriage drives them away from each other.

Time to dump that married lover – don’t fall, rise in love!

So, to not feel empty again, they travel down this path and decide to be unfaithful to their ificant other. Everyone has them.

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And those needs should be satisfied. But the thing is, your ificant other should be the one to satisfy those needs. His natural desire is to provide for her, protect her, and be the person she always turns to whenever and wherever she needs help. If you thought that men were complicated, think again.

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Perhaps his wife cheated on him. Or maybe his ificant other likes to flirt with other men whenever she gets the chance. Or it could be that his wife cheated on him years ago, and even though they found a common ground and moved on, he still feels inferior to his wife because of the pain she caused him. Whatever the root of his resentment toward her might be, it gives him the sense that he lost the control he once had and wants to even the score. When your entire life revolves around keeping a job and being married, eventually things turn into a routine.

Even if you think that him being with you is a of dissatisfaction in his marriage, it may not be the case at all. He may have dumped you and now wants to come back because he misses the excitement that comes with having an affair. Women are similar to flowers, you know.

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The more attention you give them, the more beautiful and happy they are. And all women love compliments. Either way, if you notice him showering you with compliments, then you can expect him to call and ask you to hang out with him again. However, a married man will be more direct as time passes. To find out whether a married man will come back to you or not, you have to pay close attention to your social media profiles.

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Does it seem to you that more and more fake profiles have been following you recently? Have you considered that he created them so he can stalk on you? If you can relate to this, then it could be a your married man will come back. But this is no ordinary situation, is it? A married man who wants to come back to you will try to stay in touch with you regularly.

He does this because he wants you to feel his presence in your life again. This is an obvious he will come back. Deep down in your heart, you have this strong gut feeling that this man will come back to you.

How to get over a married man who dumped you?

Even though you had the time of your life with him, the fact remains that this man dumped you. The worst thing that you can do to yourself right now is to lock yourself in a room, crying and waiting for him to come back. In reality, you should wipe those tears away, grab some ice cream if you need to, and pull your shoulders up.

Think about your life and what it has become. It can help to see the situation from a different perspective. To move forward with your life, you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and guilty for having feelings for a married man. You know those gifts he gave you while he was telling you how much he loves and cares about you? Well, the next step in getting over a heartbreak is throwing out all those memories that keep reminding you of him. And in order to get over a married man who dumped you, you need to identify that particular void.

Perhaps you were craving some human affection?

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Or love? Or maybe you need to feel the pain of being the other woman to fill that emptiness? Losing someone who meant a lot to you can really bring you down. So, after a married man dumped you, you can always turn to your friends or family and try to talk to them about the entire situation.

Perhaps all you need is an objective opinion to get back up on your feet in no time. If neither of those two options is your cup of tea, then embrace your emotions and pour your heart out in a journal.

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Ask yourself if you would still make those compromises should you be dating a single man? Most times, a married man will only call you when it suits him.

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You have to prioritize yourself and your needs, if you ever want to be genuinely happy with yourself. Take as much time as you need for your broken heart to heal again. Remember, everyone is destined to meet their other half. So exercise a little patience and wait for the right guy to sweep you off your feet. You need to be strong if you really want to get over that married man who dumped you.

That includes cutting off all ties with him right here, right now. Delete his phone and block him on your social media profiles. Tell him to never contact you again. Your well-being and mental health should be your -one priority. You only need yourself. Should he leave his wife to be with […]. And above all, you think how stupid you were to let this happen to your own soul and heart.

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He is suave, sexy and makes your heart flutter!


If you take a step back from the relationship for long enough to be honest with yourself, you know.


But after those two years, I had lost a lot of respect for myself.


It started out as a flirt and then a fling and for the sex, but we soon fell deeply in love.