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  • How old am I:
  • 25
  • What is my ethnicity:
  • Norwegian
  • Sexual identity:
  • Male
  • Color of my hair:
  • Short silky strawberry-blond hair
  • I speak:
  • English
  • My figure features:
  • My body type is skinny
  • I like to drink:
  • I prefer to drink lager
  • Other hobbies:
  • Cooking


But I am having a good time. I 'm having a good time ". I was having a good time.


Have a good time

Every English sentence must have a verb. The verb could be classified as dynamic, stative, or both. A dynamic verb describes an action; a stative verb describes a condition. This classification is important because it determines how the verb can and cannot be used. Knowing the difference between stative and dynamic verbs will help you speak and write correctly and avoid basic errors in exams or s, as well as in many social, academic, and business situations.

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Dynamic verbs describe action. Examples are runjumpworkplayeator drink. They are the most common type of verb and can be used correctly in all verb tenses and aspects. They are usually the easiest to learn. Stative verbs describe states or conditions. Examples are knowbelieveor understand. These verbs can be used in simple and perfect tenses and aspects.

However, they cannot be used in the continuous or progressive forms.

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This limitation makes stative verbs a little more difficult to master, which means practice is necessary. Examples are havethinkand feel. Practice is essential. However, by paying careful attention, you can learn to use these unusual verbs correctly and confidently.

Although stative verbs may seem complicated, you have now taken the first step to mastering them: you know that they exist! Soon, you will start noticing them while reading books, websites, and articles, as well as while listening to songs, shows, and presentations. Before long, you will begin using stative verbs correctly yourself. Stative Verbs in English by Rebecca. Verbs: Dynamic, Stative, or Both?

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Dynamic Verbs — Correct Usage simple I run. I ran. I will run. I was running. I will be running. I had run.

Having a good time quotes

I will have run. I had been running. I will have been running. Stative Verbs — Correct Usage simple I know. I knew. I will know. I had known. I will have known. Stative Verbs — Incorrect Usage continuous I am knowing.

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I was knowing. I will be knowing. I had been knowing. I will have been knowing. I had a car.

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I will have a car. I was having a good time. I will be having a good time. I was having a car.

I hope you are having a good time vs i hope you having a good time

I will be having a car. I own it.

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It tastes delicious. Test your understanding of this English lesson Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz. Which is correct? Learn English for free with video lessons by experienced native-speaker teachers. Privacy Policy.

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I run. I am running. I have run. I have been running. I know.

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I have known. I am knowing. I have been knowing. I have a car. I am having a good time. I am having a car. She is tasting… dynamic.

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They are being… dynamic.

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Enjoy oneself, as in I hope you have a good time at the beach.


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