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In it, I addressed the most common reasons why women find it difficult to completely let go and surrender. I also listed a few practices that we can do, ongoingly, to help us release the tension surrounding our sexuality, generally. These methods work gradually and require some practice. However, I still hear from many women that they find themselves self-conscious while having sex. Constantly thinking of things. I know the exercises which I listed in that said article require some dedication.


All women are at least little self-conscious when it comes to sex. A flood of questions come to mind when getting down to it; Do I look fat? Are my boobs saggy? Will he notice my stretch marks? So let go of your inhibitions and unleash your inner goddess with these 20 fail-safe ways to boost your sexual confidence, stat!

To him, you are superwoman. So defuse the embarrassment and start embracing sex again with our expert tips to boost your sexual confidence! We promise you, sex will never be the same. Sarah Bailey of UKMedix. The sexual ones obviously. Even the stalest of sex lives can be completely reinvigorated by introducing some fresh and frisky fun. You will realise that this is far from the truth.

Wearing some gorgeous underwear can help you look and feel amazing. A bit of extra moisture in your lady bits never hurt anyone. Try Sylk, a plant based moisturiser made from kiwifruit that promises to never make you clench the burning sensations of it's other irritating lubricant friends.

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Teasing is a sure-fire way to drive him insane and build up sexual tension. Blindfold your sweetheart, give him a sexy lap dance or try on some sexy lingerie for him. Are we right?

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Or are we right? Confidence is all about being comfortable with who you are. Alcohol in moderation can be a great way to help you relax and forget about your sexual inhibitions. One drink too many and you might end up having a snooze mid-sex.

He wants to nurse your sexual appetite - nothing else! Sometimes a bit of sexual confidence comes with living a healthy lifestyle and by that we mean eating the right things! Berries are also rich in the mineral zinc, which helps your body to produce sex hormones, and also is high in antioxidants, which help to optimise blood flow to the sex organs.

Hello new confident you! Turn on something sexy and tap into your inner sex pot. Nobody likes harsh fluorescent lighting. Go about this by creating a soft glow in your boudoir. If you want to add an element of romance, light a few candles," say We-Vibe experts. Candlelight is extra sexy and super flattering, the perfect choice to help you relax and get ready to completely let go. The most important thing not to fake in the bedroom is your orgasm.

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You gotta be comfortable in your own body before you can even think about pleasing his. So why not try solo-sex? Yep, we said it.

There’s a difference between stopping your mind and not letting it run the show.

Once you learn what turns you on and what you like you can ensure to get what you want. Which makes every girl feel pretty special. Games can take sex to a whole other level. If your nerves are getting the best of you then why not suggest a game or two?

How to let go in bed — revisited.

Try to correctly identify each one. Reward correct answers with a special touch or kiss — and when your partner gets it wrong, playfully demand that they pleasure you in a satisfying way. Communication is key in any sexual relationship. Everyone is different - never let self-doubt make you think otherwise!

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While this can affect your confidence in any area of your life, your sexual confidence is likely to be the hardest hit. Is it your eye colour? Your dry sense of humour? Your birthmark? Learn to appreciate yourself for who you are and he will too. Getting over a lousy day at work and feeling on edge all the time is a recipe for bad sex. A hot bath?

A nice sensual massage from your man?

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Yes, please! BUT research has shown that watching too many chick flicks can actually give you an unrealistic view of what relationships and sexuality are all about. This isn't a way of saying lose weight! Click off social media and start getting some real one-to-one interaction with your beau. Only then will you be able to strengthen your bond and feel sexier about yourself. Will they think your stupid?

Build up the courage to try something new in bed and watch your sexual confidence sky-rocket. Why not have taboo sex or try a couple's vibrator? There's always something new and exciting to try.

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Try this old fashion trick to boost your confidence. Trust us on this one. Feeling like a dominatrix?

Want great sex? then you have to let go of control!

What else makes you feel more confident in bed? Tweet us sofeminineUK. Women In Focus.

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Sexual pleasure. For all the best videos, memes and shareable news! Your browser cannot play this video. From hair ideas to outifts, look no further for your daily inspiration. The most memorable movie kisses of all time. Homemade Valentine's Day cards. Celebrity Men Wearing Glasses. Lesbian kama sutra: sex positions for women. The ultimate Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys: Fifty shades of fun. Celebrity men who support their women.

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But how often do we actually hear the nitty-gritty details of how we might actually achieve those things?


For some women, orgasms are a unicorn that rarely deigns to visit.


At 30 years old, Olive Persimmon had only had sex with two people less than 10 times in her life.


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