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Bat droppings, known as guano, are small and dark in coloration. The elongated pellets are crumbly and turn to dust when touched. Often used as fertilizer because of its high nitrogen and phosphorus content, guano can be dangerous when allowed to accumulate in the home. The nutrient-rich droppings cultivate the growth of histoplasmosis fungus, which causes severe respiratory problems in humans. Deposits of guano accumulate within walls and attics as well as on the ground and roof tiles. The musty, acrid smell of bat droppings, along with the stains they leave on walls or ceilings, is a sure of bat infestations.


The National Bat Helpline can answer your questions and concerns about bats and give you advice. There is also an Out of Hours Helpline which is run by volunteers during the summer and is for emergency calls only.

Pictures of bat guano

Roll a dropping in a piece of tissue, between your finger and thumb. Sometimes crushed bat droppings looks sparkly in the light. Most commonly bat droppings accumulate underneath the roost, and below the points bats use to access their roost. In buildings, bat droppings might be found in the loft or close to the eaves.

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All bats in the UK are insectivores, so their droppings are made up of dried insect remains. Generally there is nothing to worry about with bat droppings. In very rare situations some people can develop allergies, so we suggest you wash your hands after handling any droppings.

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If you need to clean up a large of droppings then you might want to consider wearing a dust mask. This handy guide is a fantastic identification tool for anyone wanting to identify bat droppings.

Pictures of bat guano

It is small enough to fold up and keep in your pocket, wallet or purse! The guide is double sided, with the back giving detailed information about the size and texture of different droppings, as well as descriptions and guidance where they are most likely to be found. If you are interested in the guide, you can request one by ing us at fundraise bats.

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Submit a photograph. What do I need to know about having bats? National Bat Helpline More information.

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Search Search. Weekdays 6pm to 10pm Weekends and bank holidays 10am to 10pm.

Pictures of bat guano on a roof

I've found a bat A bat has been brought to our vet surgery Do I have bats? I'm working on a building with bats Information for places of worship I'm concerned about bats Tree maintenance and bats Need help with an academic project on bats? Bats and the law Found a dead bat?

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Gardening for bats Licensing Putting up bat boxes Guidance for bat professionals. Identifying bat droppings. About Bats What bat have I seen? How to do the crumble test: Roll a dropping in a piece of tissue, between your finger and thumb. Request our droppings identification guide This handy guide is a fantastic identification tool for anyone wanting to identify bat droppings. What bat have I seen?

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Submit a photograph Identifying bat droppings I've seen a bat flying at an unusual time. National Bat Helpline More information. Log in.

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British bats are entirely insectivorous and so their droppings only contain the indigestible parts of their insect prey.


I have seen and controlled just about any wildlife issue you may think of.