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There are a lot of means in order to communicate with someone far away from you. There is Skype, Facebook, Twitter and s. These are the usual platforms we use when we want to connect with our loved ones while we or they are the ones away. But when it comes to dating women, you must know how to communicate with them because this will make a big difference. This article will give you ten tips on how to properly communicate with the girl you are dating on the phone.


How to talk to a girl on the phone to make her attracted. Written by Ryan Cross. In this post, I will answer how to talk to a girl on the phone who you have been texting with so far on Tinder or other online dating platforms. Here is the essence of how to talk to girls on the phone: Build a great atmosphere with a girl with text messages before you talk to her on the phone.

If she is already interested in you, she will likely accept your phone call.

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Your first phone conversation will be outstanding if you make her laugh, while you remain confident, independent, and non-needy. Getting a girl to talk on the phone is sometimes quite difficult, but this kind of communication can build a lot of harmony and trust between the two of you if you do it right. Why is it beneficial to talk to girls on the phone? Although nowadays it is easy to schedule a first date without talking to women on the phone, there are countless benefits to having a phone conversation before your first date. The answer I used to give, is the longer the conversation the better.

5 tips for talking with a girl on the phone

Something was puzzling. Of course, there were women with whom the date went very well, but there were also many girls with whom it went south as if talking to her on the phone for hours would have never happened. Why is that? Do you usually talk to the cashier for hours? And the postman?

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And they can only really crave for men who they have to work to get. Yes, you read that well. An outstanding messaging or phone conversation with you can generate so intense feelings in her that after a while she creates an idealized image of you in her head. In this case, it is almost certain that you can meet her in person, but at the same time you can make things difficult for yourself because it will be impossible to fit the image of a perfect man in her head. Hang up the phone before the mood drops When people have to decide the quality of a meal, a trip, a movie, music, or even a first date or a phone conversation, they subconsciously magnify the last emotion they are experiencing during the event.

This means that if a 2-hour long movie was exceptionally good until 1 hour and 50 minutes, but the last 10 minutes were weak, we often rate the film as only average.

How to talk to a girl on the phone to make her attracted

This is also the case with dating, texting, and phone calls with women. In each case, you should end the interaction at the emotional peak, as this guarantees that women will subsequently remember the conversation with you as an outstanding experience. What are these qualities?

In my book, The Book of Online SeductionI share with my readers the methods, psychological principles, and texting skills, for increasing all the attractive, masculine qualities showed above. If it happens, women will be attracted to you. All the time. So how do you have a successful phone conversation? This is absolutely normal, and you can do nothing against it. In the early stages of the conversation, find out whether she likes having a long conversation on the phone with her friends guys or not. If she says she is not a talk-on-the-phone type of gal, you better not force to call her because it can backfire.

Talking to her on the phone her reaction is positive, you have already taken a big step towards scheduling a call, as without she realizes it, she has now confirmed that she has no excuses for having a great conversation with someone. Ask her to make a phone call with you when she is most likely to accept it As with an invitation to a dateasking her to a phone conversation requires you to get to a level with your conversations in most cases. How do you know you got there?

From her indirect and direct reactions. From knowing she likes you. You should ask her to make a phone call with you when she is at her emotional peak. The affection, the interest, the intense feelings can be observed in women as well as in men, even if you only talk to each other online.

Find a reason to call 9 out of 10 times, I try to get girls to have a phone conversation with completely absurd reasons.

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K, but you need to talk to someone on the phone to calm down a bit. Or, you can try these fun texts instead:. The more exciting the reason you find, the easier it will be to get her to pick up the phone. How to raise her attraction over the phone?

Talking on the phone for hours with a woman: will it help or hurt your relationship?

What to talk about? Talk about anything you want. When you tell a story, play with your voice to sound like you experience those emotions again that are in the story. Independence is key The needy guy is acting in a way to flatter women. Sooner or later, women will find out these little lies, and it will lower their attraction level because you bend your reality to impress them.

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The loser guys are calling women to date them! The grounded, attractive guy calls women, to share with them is exciting, interesting life, and his charming personality. Make her laugh Great humor tells a story. It tells a story about you.

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Your goal is not only to elevate her mood but to reveal your attractive qualities. Your personality, your mindset, your worldviews, or your thoughts about yourself and the girl, etc. Women not only need joy, and positive feelings from humor. They also want to feel your intriguing personality behind your humor.

Women want to look up to guys. They want someone who is determined, confident, who can control his emotions.

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But they also want a guy who will accept himself, who can reveal his vulnerabilities, who is genuine, honest, and takes responsibility for his successes and failures. Here are my TOP 10 humorous techniques I use on girls every day. Keep her guessing about your intentions Just talk, then when the conversation is going very well, say goodbye and hang up … This will further increase her level of interest.

Every loser hangs on me, and this guy is not like the others. You can date at any time. Attraction and a high level of interest can only be best developed at the beginning of your relationships with women. If you have it from the start, it will last a long time, if you miss building attraction at the beginning, you will have a very hard time getting her to go out with you. Talk to her as if she would be into you Attractive girls are constantly pursued by guys. Every guy acts like a hunter who wants to catch his prey.

What if we turned the situation upside-down? What if you talk as if she is trying to get closer to you? Of course, you might think it makes no sense because normally guys chase girls and not the other way around. When women are attracted to a man, they do whatever they can to grab their attention.

62 interesting things to talk about on the phone

They have an arsenal of techniques for that. On the other hand, if you add humor, this technique is not only very funny, but the girl will subconsciously think you look consider yourself as a guy who women run after. This is very attractive. Girls generally respond well to this because it is the exact opposite of what they are used to. This is an incredibly powerful tool because when she goes into the game, she unconsciously accepts the role in which she is chasing you, which can boost your attractiveness very quickly.

What do you say? Me: Wow, we just got to know each other. Me: Stop it Her: What?

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Sure, your first live conversation with a girl is crucial for the future of the relationship, but you can ruin everything with her if you try to make good impressions in her. How not to take your first phone call seriously?

I also use this method often: I occupy my thoughts by doing something while talking to someone on the phone.

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I often call girls while eating or while watching TV. Women find confident escalation sexy. Try to blend confidence and sexual vibe with humor, which is the most effective weapon to turn women on. I use a technique a lot of times during my phone conversations to enhance her attraction: sexual references. If you want to be exceptional at dating girls, be it online dating, personal meetings, getting girlfriends with text messages, hookups or becoming the guy most girls will find irresistable, then check out my dating package:.

You only need to trigger 5 emotions in girls to get them attracted to you.

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Never worry about first and second dates again! Choose unique date ideas from the 20 cards included and take the girls to super fun, inexpensive and authentic date programs. If you do nothing else but avoid the 13 Deadly Sins when texting, you will 2x your success-rate. I mean, seriously… Learn the psychology behind highly effective first messages. Attractive mindset is the single most important skill you have to have in order to attract… well, whoever you want.

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You like him, and you think he likes you.


By: Meghan E.


These not only work on the phone but are great for the first date.


Girls love talking on the phone for hours because they enjoy talking about their emotions, discussing gossip and just wasting time talking about random things.